Course Content
Module 1
Introduction to the abacus and its historical significance. Understanding abacus components and their functions. Basic abacus operations for addition and subtraction.
Module 2
Exploring advanced abacus techniques for multiplication and division. Enhancing speed and accuracy in mental calculations. Practical exercises for developing mental agility.
Module 3
Beyond mathematics, discover how abacus skills can be applied to daily life. Developing problem-solving skills through abacus techniques. Abacus as a tool for improving focus and concentration.
Module 4
Emphasizing the importance of consistent practice. Tailored exercises and drills for skill refinement. Monitoring progress and setting achievable goals.
Mental Arithmetic Mastery with Abacus
About Lesson
  • Introduction to multiplication and division using the abacus.
  • Techniques for multiplication tables and division problems.
  • Developing mental math skills for more complex calculations.